“Storytelling is for the business of today what steam was for factories during the industrial revolution. Those who leverage its potential can create an incredible competitive advantage.”

Bram Vanoirbeek, Founder, The Thing About Stories

The methodological approach to messaging

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Spcial skill
Psychological methods
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We’ll help you…

Distil your story

Before you can start harnessing the full power of storytelling, you need…

Forge your brand

When you've gone through our story distillation process or if you're confident you have…

Craft your content

So you have a clear and compelling business story and your branded…

Connect emotionally to increase your customer conversion and retention

From Harvard Business Review to the Journal of Marketing, it's undisputed that establishing an emotional connection with your customers has a direct double digit impact on your customers' brand loyalty, your growth and your financial performance.

Inspire your employees and improve staff engagement and retention

Gallup estimates that over 80% of British employees are disengaged from their jobs. This is costing businesses dearly in terms of productivity and staff turnover. Articulating and communicating your story effectively is the key to an inspired and happy workforce.

Don’t take our word for it…