Inspire your employees

Research by The Gallup Organization’s Employee Engagement Index suggests that more than 8 in 10 employees in the UK are not engaged in their jobs, costing the economy nearly £40 billion per year.

This lack of engagement is expensive for businesses in terms of reduced productivity as well as staff turnover costs.

Among various other studies, Towers Perrin’s study of job engagement identified an individual’s sense of inspiration to be at least as important as other rational elements of engagement. In other words, people are looking for an emotional connection and want to be part of an organisation that inspires them.

Getting your staff to buy into your business’ story should be at the core of your human resources plan.

Beyond helping you (re)craft your brand story and implementing it across your branding and content, we can help you articulate and communicate your story internally.

Through coaching and internal engagement plans we can help you get employee buy-in and spread the excitement across your business.

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Bram’s rebrand of my small business not only dramatically helped the narrative of my business; he helped distill the story of what I hope to do with my life. His “winning hearts” isn’t merely a slogan, it’s his practice. His story distillation strategy is human-centered, efficient, and impactful. When dealing with our own business or brand, it is sometimes difficult to parse our key messaging. Bram, as a storytelling strategist with years of experience, is able to deliver this much-needed clarity. Bram’s narrative renovations also changed the course of my business — streamlining my story and purpose helped streamline my operations and projects. With in-depth exercises (involving graphs and mental models I would never have thought of on my own), we created the storyline for my business, and an action plan for reconstruction. I left the session inspired, with a solid direction and story for my business. To anyone looking to rebrand / distill — even if you are sure of your business’ story — meeting with Bram is entirely worth it. I’ve found his storytelling expertise and fresh, original insight priceless. Thank you so much!

Fiona Iyers
Business Relationship Consultant

Bram has an extraordinary ability: to humanise digital transformation at all levels of an organisation. I hired him within a few minutes of first meeting him and I’ve never regretted it on the various projects we’ve done together since. He knows a lot about digital and marketing and what he doesn’t know he’s quick to learn. If you get a chance to work on a project with him, you should do so.

Simon Marshall

Our 1-hour workshop with Bram was a really useful way to get an objective, expert opinion on how to sharpen our messaging.

Sandy Reid
Co-Founder & CCO at Zaptic

Bram helped us launch several new products and we’ve constantly been impressed with his storytelling approach. Using this narrative as a base, he helped us define what we are but also, what we want to say. Our story. It’s an innovative way for us to look at the product and our marketing and for the whole team to understand and engage. Such a clever way to make something complicated easier to approach and understand.

Anthony Gale
Head of Platforms at Apollo Tyres

Bram is a clear and positive communicator whose messaging always strikes a chord with his audience. A committed business partner, his attention to detail, ability to spot trends before they become common practice and willingness to work within our brand guidelines and team objectives mean that I thoroughly recommend him for any long term strategic planning or ad hoc training.

Alastair Clark
Senior Communications Manager at CMS

Bram is extremely savvy when it comes to content with incredible attention to detail. He has in-depth knowledge of content strategies and the role different channels play. By combining this with an engaging writing style, he has found the winning formula.

Joe Sherman
Growth Manager at Add to Event

As a new business with the ambition of making purpose easy for consumers, our team has competing ideas of how we communicate our message. Bram was great at helping us unpick our core principles and distil into a simple message which separated ourselves out from our competitors. We are now more confident in how we tell our brand story.

Jamie Palmer
Founder at